Understanding the Fiverr Search Algorithm 2023 – How to Improve Your Ranking on Fiverr

At Alteevity, we understand that the Fiverr search algorithm 2023 can be a bit of a mystery for freelancers trying to improve their ranking and visibility on the platform. Fiverr is a competitive marketplace with millions of freelancers offering their services. Therefore, understanding how the algorithm works and what factors influence your ranking can be […]

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Approved for Google AdSense in 2023

Google AdSense is a powerful advertising platform that allows website owners and bloggers to get m0ney by displaying advertisements on their sites. However, getting approved for an AdSense account can be a challenging process, especially for new or low-traffic websites. This guide will provide you with essential tips to increase your chances of getting approved […]

Best Free WordPress Theme For AdSense Approval

AdSense is the easiest way to monetize any website. No technical knowledge is required to set up and use it. There are many-ways to monetize your site. Choose from a variety of advertising programs to accommodate all types of advertising. Google AdSense is considered the simplest and highest paying advertising program. However, in order to […]

10 Fastest Free WordPress Themes In 2022

If your website doesn’t have a good load time, your visitors may decide to leave instead of waiting to see your pages, regardless of site type. Whether your goal is to attract subscribers or make a sale, every second counts. Boost your work with one of the fastest free WordPress themes. Page speed is a […]

AdSense Approval: How to Get Google AdSense Approval in Less Than 48 Hours

You’ve submitted your application and you’ve been waiting…and waiting…and waiting some more to hear back from Google on whether or not you’ll be getting approval for your AdSense account. You’re not alone — nearly half of the Google AdSense applications that are submitted to Google are rejected, and this can lead to frustration and stress […]

9 SEO-Friendly Article Writing Tips to beat Your Competitors

This blog post will cover nine tips for writing SEO-friendly article to improve your rankings. But before we get into that, I have a PSA for all you digital marketers and content creators out there: When strategizing how to drive organic traffic to your Remember, for websites, content creation and SEO go hand in hand. […]

Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm – How To Rank Fiverr Gig On First Page

10 Fiverr Gig Ranking Factors That Determines Your Gig Ranking How To Rank Fiverr Gigs? This is a common question for all Fiverr sellers. In the current version of Fiverr, its search engine works like Google. Google has its own algorithm (some rules). Fiverr also has an algorithm that is different from all others, completely […]

How Does Fiverr Algorithm Work In 2022

In this article, you will l3arn about the Fiverr algorithm and its parts. For more information on Fiverr Gig Creation, read our previous article. A set of instructions or commands to be used to solve a problem or accomplish a task is called an “algorithm”. Algorithm also works according to given instructions or designed structure. […]

How To Create A Algorithm Friendly Gig On Fiverr

Fiverr is a leading online marketplace that offers a variety of services called “gigs”. It is a platform where freelancers can list and advertise their digital services to buyers worldwide. There are tons of gigs in different categories, including programming, digital marketing, lifestyle, graphics and design, and more. Whether you’re a writer, web developer, or […]

6 Reasons Why Upwork Is Better Than Fiverr In 2022

If you’re a freelancer, a very important factor you’ve got to determine is when to trade your services, so why is Upwork Better than Fiverr? Discover here! Starting a contract career gets underway with selecting the best freelance platform. Among numerous freelance websites, Upwork and Fiverr have reached the top. Having an enormous customer base, […]

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