Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm – How To Rank Fiverr Gig On First Page

Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm - How To Rank Fiverr Gig On First Page

10 Fiverr Gig Ranking Factors That Determines Your Gig Ranking

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How To Rank Fiverr Gigs?

This is a common question for all Fiverr sellers. In the current version of Fiverr, its search engine works like Google. Google has its own algorithm (some rules). Fiverr also has an algorithm that is different from all others, completely dynamic and constantly changing. Results can be displayed depending on the user's actions. This Fiverr gig ranking factor algorithm is currently very confusing. Especially for an almost impossible person like me. However, anyone who deals with SEO and understands Fiverr well can guess a little.

For example, Google has over 200 ranking factors that they don't share with anyone. Likewise, Fiverr never shares a gig ranking factor algorithm. Fiverr's gig algorithm is now fully dynamic. That is, it is constantly changing based on various conditions. This dynamic algorithm shows exactly where and how the gig will take place. As a result, you can see that the gig is progressing well, but it's nowhere near the front page after a few days. It's been less than 2-3 years since today, If the gig was ranked, it would be in the same place. This makes his Gig very syllable at the top of the page. As a result, it was difficult for newcomers to get along. But now it's relatively easy for newcomers to get along. But for that, your gig needs to be professional quality. I have read various articles about the Fiverr algorithm and discussed gig ranking factors in addition to my own real world experience.

Fiverr Gig Ranking Algorithm

Now let's take a look at some of Fiverr's key factors that individually contribute to the Fiverr gig ranking.

Number of Total Orders

This is the biggest factor in gig ranking. your appearance. The more orders you have queued, the more your gig will be front and center. Since the gig is in lower order, the gig will slowly move to the back. The number of orders can be calculated monthly, not for life. Note that every gig has many orders and they are on the same page. There are many ways to get more and more orders into your Gigs.

Number of Total Click Views

The rank of a gig is highly dependent on the number of clicks on the gig. The more visitors come to your gig, the longer it takes and the more visitors click on your gig, the more it helps you rank your gig. should concentrate on If you can promote your Gig this way, your Gig will get better click, views and more orders. But remember, you shouldn't be spamming in the name of gig marketing.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate means the relative number of clicks and exact orders placed on your site. For example, if your gig has 100 clicks and 5 orders, a 5% higher conversion rate for your gig is a better gig. Conversion rates above 5+ are generally considered good. No matter what happens on Fiverr, especially new ones, they get giggly click views by sending a lot of spam on various social media. Please note that this is very detrimental to gigs. Many visitors are real, but if the cell isn't, Fiverr is doomed. Because you have to pay the server. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate spam and do proper marketing. We'll cover how to do gig marketing in a future article.


If the gig is rated high, this gig will work well. Remember, when buyers give ratings to sellers, they are providing another hidden rating that the seller cannot see. also positively affects gig rankings. Therefore, try to fully satisfy the buyer. And even if you forget, you can't ask buyers to give good or specific ratings. It is strictly prohibited under the new rules. Click this link for our new gig review system.


There is some controversy about the Gig Banking seller's tier. However, according to Fiverr, Tier 2 sellers get four times as much traffic from new sellers. But the reality is that even top-notch salespeople don't take gig orders even after they've offered a new gig. The funny thing is that after leveling up, you can often order less. However, this is temporary and it is normal for the order to return after a few days. Personally, the cellar's level does affect gig rankings, but to a lesser extent.

Response Rate and Response Time

These are very important factors for Fiverr's gig ranking. The buyer sent a job message to the seller, but the seller did not reply. This can be understood by putting yourself in the buyer's shoes. Fiverr doesn't really like it. Prompt and Timely If you don't respond in this manner, response rates will continue to decline and times will continue to increase. As a result, your gig rank may drop. To do this, keep Fiver's app installed on your phone and quickly reply to buyer messages. Please try to reply within 1 hour if a buyer responds within 30 minutes of receiving your message, they're 50% more likely to receive their order.

On-Time Delivery Delivery

Fiverr will pre-ship your order. In order to do so, it is necessary to deliver the work within the specified period. Alert to deliver work 12 hours in advance. The idea is that if the work is delivered 12 hours before the specified time, it will perform better. If you are unable to submit your work within the specified time, please message the buyer to extend the time. Buyer extends the deadline. However, it has not become a habit. Because it will also damage your gig ranking. If you often want to extend your time, you might want to increase your gig delivery time.

Seller activity

Fiverr prefers sellers who work regularly. Basements don't like to take frequent vacations. so you have to get to work regularly if you need to be away for an extended period of time, there's an "Away from home" option that Fiverr asks you to turn off. But it is no longer a suicidal decision. Because if you turn it on, your gig can lose rank. This gig couldn't be better either. I took a break for about a month and a half due to overseas travel. The ranks of the best-selling gigs never returned after the holidays, and gig sales dropped dramatically. Communicate with buyers through the app. Hopefully, it will break the gig.


Top Fiverr gig ranking factor This keyword, Fiverr's gig ranking factor, works similarly to Google. For example, Your Gig | Minimalist is on the logo. You should include this keyword in your gig title. The first paragraph of the gig description should be 1/2 bar long and written in capital letters. However, the main keyword description cannot exceed 2%. Otherwise, Fiverr's bots may see it as spam and not report your Gig rank. There are 5 featured keywords under the gig, all of which you should carefully pay for. Of course, the first should be the main keyword. The remaining four main keywords should be relevant. Therefore, it is better to choose the best keyword from among the best-selling keywords.

Order Completion Rate

When you place an order with a buyer, you have to do it right. Please do not cancel the order. Canceling more orders can reduce your order completion rate and lower your Gig rank. In addition, your account may be suspended due to your order. So please be careful.


Receiving Alerts is a scary name for a Fiverr seller. If you receive an alert for any reason, your gig ranking may drop. And it may take some time for that ranking to come back. So, be sure to provide good service, follow Fiverr's rules well, and avoid warnings.

Selling price:

This is currently one of the biggest contributors to the Fiverr gig ranking factor. Fiverr used to be a market and worked hard to get out of this mess. They don't like 5 more salespeople. Therefore, the higher the selling price of a gig, the more likely it is to rank. I tested my gig myself and found the proof.

ID Verification:

More and more identity verification is being performed by Fiverr these days. In particular, new profiles need more validation. Verification will take 14 days to verify upon arrival. Many people make mistakes in their haste to review. If you enter incorrectly 3 times in a row, your account will be frozen. Buyers cannot place orders if their account is restricted. Buyers cannot communicate. Gig Gras will pause and disappear from your search. When you visit Apart later, you will be given the option to verify your identity again. The only problem is that once your account is blocked, you lose m0ney. Your gig rank may be gone. In some cases, Gig was deleted after the account was returned. So please be careful. You can check your account by reading my article in the group above.

Amount of favorites:

At the top right of the gig you will see a button showing how many people liked the gig. The more favorite's, the better the gig. However, having a lot of favorites at a gig doesn't mean the gig will go well. So what are the radically different groups?

Sellers are exchanging favorites. Note that this does not bring any benefit. Because when more sellers become favorites, Fiverr basically treats it as spam and negatively impacts gigs. However, if the gig is a favorite from a growing number of buyer profiles, it's a good fit for the gig. I need to add an audio video to my Gig. After that, the gig continues.


The Fiverr gig ranking factor is very important. The more gigs stay on Fiverr and serve you better, the better. You can call that authority. The better the gig authority, the more the gig will continue to operate. And the profile also has permissions. They determine this by seeing all their gigs and seller activity in one profile. Those who have used Fiverr for a long time will find that they have trouble getting the cells.


Just as we don't know many of Google's ranking factors, we don't know all of Fiverr Gig's ranking factors. However, the issue under discussion is the most important Fiverr gig ranking factor. So the more time you spend at Fiverr, the more you should pay attention to your competitors' activities. For more information, see the Fiverr forums and Fiverr blog posts. Stay up to date.

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